A Recovery Coach is a dedicated individual who removes obstacles and barriers to recovery from substance use disorder. We serve as a personal guide and mentor for those seeking recovery or individuals who are already in recovery and who are seeking additional support. We help people along the path of recovery and to a healthier substance-free life.Type your paragraph here.

A recovery coach helps you:

Recovery Coach Principles

Peer to Peer support where we partner with an individual to establish a trusting and healing partnership. We are here to uplift, motivate, and encourage others.

What is a recovery coach?

  • Explore avenues to ​access treatment

  • Assist in the process of attaining services and funding for treatment

  • Help you to remove the roadblocks to recovery

  • Facilitates a  plan of action before, during, and after treatment services including sponsors, meetings, sober living, and education and job training.
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